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What is Military Time?

Military time is defined as a method of measuring time-based on the twenty-four hours in a day. As a result, it is frequently referred to as the 24-Hour Clock. The military employs military time for two purposes. The first is that military operations are conducted around the clock. The second reason is to avoid time-related misunderstanding and ambiguity.

Military time begins at midnight, or zero hours (0000), and ends at 11:59 p.m., or twenty-three hundred fifty-nine (2359). People who are unfamiliar with military time may find it difficult to tell time. Say the numerical word for the hour followed by hundred to signify military time. Nine a.m., for example, would be zero nine hundred (0900) or zero nine hundred hours.

What is 7 PM Military Time?

What time is it at 7 p.m.? Military time is 1900 (Nineteen Hundred Hours) on a 24-hour clock. Military time, sometimes known as 24-hour time, is a time measurement and expression system widely utilized by the military services and other government organizations. Military time differs from conventional 12-hour time in that the hours are numbered from 0 to 23 rather than 1 to 12. Military time is often used to eliminate confusion between dawn and afternoon or midnight, as well as to more correctly identify certain periods. A time chart is provided below with a fast reference as well as detailed information on conversion and specifics for each minute from 7:00 PM to 7:59 PM.

How to Use Military Time

Military time clocks are commonly used by the military, computing, emergency services, aircraft, weather services, and hospitals, among other things. The military time clock should be pronounced differently than standard timekeeping. For example, if the time is 8:00 a.m., you would say “oh eight hundred hours.” If that same time was written down, it would be 0800. The time shall be followed by the first letter of the military time zone designation when referring to the military time zone it falls in. In Denver, Colorado, for example, a local time would be written as 0900T and spoken “oh nine hundred tango.”

Military time is utilized in a variety of ways that a standard 24-hour time clock is not:

  • When writing the time, no colon is used to divide the hours and minutes.
  • To denote the military time zone, a letter should always be written after the stated time.
  • Zeros that come before another number are always written and spoken out loud.
  • Each military time zone is assigned a name, with the initial letter of that name appended to the end of the printed time.
  • Hours are always expressed in “hundreds,” not “thousands.”

How to Write Military Time

The military time system is a mechanism for the military, emergency services, and other organizations to express time. To write military time, begin with a four-digit number. The first two digits indicate the hour, and the final two digits indicate the minutes. For instance, if it is 5:00 PM in normal time, it is recorded as 1700 in military time. There is no colon or “AM” or “PM” following the number in military time.

Military time will add an hour during daylight savings time because they do not observe this adjustment like regular time. It will be written as 1900 in military time if it is 7:00 PM in normal time during daylight savings. Midnight military time is a frequently misunderstood indication. Midnight is defined as 0000 military time or 12 AM standard time. Technically, 2400 military time equals 0000, however, the conventional way to express it is 0000. Learning to read and write military time can aid in the accuracy and efficiency of communication in a variety of industries.

Understanding the Benefits of Military Time

Because of its efficiency and clarity, many organizations prefer military time. There is no potential for misinterpretation between a.m. and p.m. hours when utilizing a 24-hour scale, which can be critical in contexts where precision is required, such as the military, firefighting services, or hospitals.

Furthermore, military time allows for accurate, rapid, and universal time reporting. The 24-hour schedule is universally accepted and recognized, making worldwide communication and cooperation easier. A unified time measuring system is critical in the digital age, where worldwide communication is the norm.


“military time 7pm” refers to the representation of time in a 24-hour format, where 7:00 PM is expressed as 1900 hours. Unlike the standard 12-hour clock commonly used in everyday life, military time eliminates ambiguity by providing a straightforward way to indicate time without the need for AM or PM distinctions. This system is widely adopted in various professions, especially within the military and aviation sectors, where precision and clarity are crucial. Understanding military time ensures effective communication and coordination, streamlining processes in scenarios where time precision is of utmost importance.


What is military time?

Military time, often known as the 24-hour clock, is a timekeeping system in which 24 hours are divided into the day. It does away with the necessity for AM and PM classifications.

How do I convert 7 PM to military time?

To convert 7 PM to military time, simply add 12 hours. So, 7 PM becomes 1900 hours in military time.

Is 7 PM the same as 1900 hours in military time?

Yes, 7 PM is equivalent to 1900 hours in military time. Both represent the same point in time but are expressed differently.

Why use military time?

Military time is often used for clarity and to avoid confusion between morning and evening hours. It is a standard time format used in various professions, including the military, aviation, and healthcare.

Do all countries use military time?

While military time is widely used internationally, not all countries exclusively use it. Some countries use a combination of the 12-hour and 24-hour clock systems.


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